making business sense out of enterprise development

supplier development and opportunities

Because of the importance of creating a market for the emerging enterprises we support, we advise our corporate clients on sourcing and working with new suppliers. We understand what it takes for these new enterprises to be market and investment ready, and the quality and consistency of service and product demanded by our corporate clients – and know how to put it all in place to create secure and reliable additions to the supply chain.

From inception, Enterpriseroom has understood the close links between Enterprise Development and Preferential Procurement in the B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice, which have now come together in the Enterprise and Supplier Development element of the Revised Codes.

preferential procurement and b-beee

Preferential Procurement, now part of the Enterprise and Supplier Development element of the Revised Cdoes, will count for 25 of the 105 available points on a company's scorecard, the only other element carrying an equal rating to ownership! Companies cannot afford to ignore the B-BBEE status and ,more importantly, the levels of black ownership of their suppliers, as they get points related to the Rand value of their spend with each one.

Enterpriseroom has expertise in assisting companies to obtain the highest possible number of points on the Preferential Procurement scorecard through intense interaction with procurement personnel and suppliers to ensure that all relevant data is collected and incorporated into procurement calculations.

b-bbee levels and recognition

Status Points requirement BEE procurement recognition level
Level One Contributor ≥ 100 points on the BEE Scorecard
Level Two Contributor ≥ 85 but <100 on the BEE Scorecard
Level Three Contributor ≥ 75 but <85 on the BEE Scorecard
Level Four Contributor ≥ 65 but <75 on the BEE Scorecard
Level Five Contributor ≥ 55 but <65 on the BEE Scorecard
Level Six Contributor ≥ 45 but <55 on the BEE Scorecard
Level Seven Contributor ≥ 40 but <45 on the BEE Scorecard
Level Eight Contributor ≥ 30 but <40 on the BEE Scorecard
Non-Compliant Contributor < 30 on the BEE Scorecard
Exempted Micro-Enterprises (EMEs) and start-ups count as level 4 (Level 3 if black owned)