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emerging enterprises

Enterpriseroom works closely with a number of emerging Black owned enterprises, advising on growth and stability, and assisting with market access. Our active engagement with various networks enables us to understand their needs, and match them to market opportunities.

Our database of enterprises that qualify as ED beneficiaries, together with our understanding of the procurement needs of our corporate clients enables us to match the two. In facilitating these real market opportunities, we help support the enterprise position itself, and build the capacity and scale it needs.

In support of the enterprises that are not yet reaching, or ready to access, market opportunities, we run training workshops on the benefits of B-BBEE for Black owned enterprises. These workshops:

  • provide participants with a better understanding of B-BBEE
  • provide tools to evaluate their scorecard potential
  • give an understanding of how to take advantage of preferential procurement
  • show how enterprise development can work for black owned companies
  • share templates to assist with the above
  • explore enterprise development case studies
  • introduce our Enterprise Promotion Programme

Enterprises interested in joining our database should complete the on line form below.

qualifying enterprise development beneficiary

Please complete this form as accurately as possible to assist us in establishing the appropriateness of your company for our enterprise development support. If you do not yet have all the information or documentation required, please indicate why.

Please note that we cannot guarantee assistance will be provided, and your business will only be considered if it directly meets the procurement or ED needs of our clients.

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