making business sense out of enterprise development

economic inclusion for young people

SMEs struggle to find, recruit and retain entry level employees – the cost of which is massive for a small business, and hence they shy away from creating or filling vacancies. On the other hand, young first-time work-seekers, particularly those from poor households – with limited networks to the formal economy, struggle to identify, access and secure these opportunities in small businesses.

Enterpriseroom has a dedicated team focused on solving this - helping SME's grow and manage employment opportunities for young people. We believe that there is latent demand in many SMEs for entry level staff, and that, if properly managed, this can convert into real jobs and career opportunities for young South Africans.

Enterpriseroom has partnered with Harambee to build a SME specific solution, in which we efficiently fill these positions with work-ready, matched young work-seekers. The work-seekers sourced are those from poor households, who have the potential and fit that indicate a high likelihood of staying, performing and progressing in these jobs. In so doing, we contribute to the dual impacts of supporting SME's sustainability and growth, as well as driving inclusive youth employment.