making business sense out of enterprise development


Many of our clients engage us to develop strategies and implement their Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) programmes due to their need to score the 40 available points for ESD on the B-BBEE Scorecard.

Enterpriseroom helps companies find the most appropriate approach to Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD), ensuring alignment of:

  • What makes business sense for our client
  • What is the best intervention for the enterprise (ED beneficiary)
  • What will give our client the best return

Recognising that there are numerous different ESD models, and that our clients have very different requirements for an ESD strategy to meet, we develop customised solutions, and work with a series of reputable partners in implementing them.

In developing these solutions we draw on:

  • Our experience in Enterprise and Supplier Development
  • Our relationships with Beneficiary Enterprises
  • Our understanding of the B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice
  • Our knowledge of the different ESD solutions and our partnerships with the practitioners offering them
  • Our belief that ESD must and can make business sense for our clients
  • Our expertise in ensuring good value, and points, for money

helping you get your b-bbee points

Forms, benefit matrixes, timesheets, calculations...knowing what counts and what doesn't as "Enterprise Development and Suppliers Development spend", accessing bonus points, ensuring compliance...we can take that headache from you and replace it with results.

If you wish to be evaluated against the B-BBEE scorecard, an accredited verification agency will perform an in-depth review of activities and spend related to the different elements of the scorecard. In a process similar to an audit, the agency will analyse documentation and records, seeking back-up evidence, to calculate the spend (time or money) that can be translated into points. This requires that your strategy, and the way you implement it, must include proper record keeping; systems and most importantly, an understanding of what counts, and how your investment will be measured against a complex benefit factor matrix.

The Enterpriseroom team has the understanding of the Codes and the experience of implementing them to support our clients' interventions translating into points.

b-bbee scorecard

In the Revised Codes of Good Practice, Enterprise and Supplier Development is one of the five elements of the B-BBEE scorecard. It is worth 40 points, which are achieved through preferential procurement on the one hand and spend of 3% of net profit after tax on black owned suppliers and emerging black owned enterprises

Element Points
Management Control (including Employment Equity)
Skills Development
Enterprise and Supplier Development (including Preferential Procurement)
Socio-Economic Development